A Message from Our Pastor

The definition of May is to “express possibility.” As we begin the Month of May 2020 we look forward to the possibility of the COVID 19 Pandemic losing its’ grip on our daily lives. This has been a new challenge for our culture. I have not witnessed, in my lifetime, a trial that has brought the World to a Halt! We began this separation with the best of intentions and saw the Lord work in mighty ways. We also witnessed how fragile freedom can be and should never be taken for granted.

The month of May brings Memorial Day and the honoring and mourning of the military personnel that have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Blood shed was the price of Freedom that Christ paid on the cross and to this day remains the price of freedom. Thank You Jesus! Thank You Veterans!

Victory EMC Leadership is assessing the COVID 19 recommendations by Governor Jim Justice. We are assessing the needs of our community and congregation. We will keep you posted in the next few weeks regarding Victory EMC opening its doors to public worship. We ask for you continued prayers!

Matthew 19:26 – Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

We have every reason to be courageous and optimistic and not just because we’re told to be. God has proven His power in the past. The Bible gives us many examples of Him doing so but He also proves it in our present. God’s word is a great confidence booster during times when we are faced with tough choices. As well as finding examples of God’s greatness, we can also rediscover accounts of His ability to do what would ordinarily be unachievable.

I look forward to seeing each of you in the coming season… whenever that may be! Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!


Pastor Rick, Misty & Family

A Message from Our Pastor

Greetings! Springing Forward … On Sunday March 8th we will move our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time. It’s an effort to lengthen the amount of daylight we have from now until November. It is tough to think of losing an hour of sleep during the time change. It messes with our internal clock and takes a while to adjust. The reward of longer days throughout the summer make this worthwhile to many of us.

Spiritually Springing Forward … We are in the Season of Lent with Resurrection Celebration quickly approaching. Have you considered your adjustment in this season? Lent is similar to a time change. We are making a clock adjustment to gain more of the light. Are you making any spiritual adjustments to gain more of the light? There is nothing we can give to God that can do a thing for Him. God has everything he is ever going to need. He desires you, thinks of you, loves you. I encourage you to focus on the changes that allow more time in the light. .. So to speak!

Everyone on our Farm uses the garage. It’s where we keep tools, feed, vehicles, etc. No matter how hard we try this area constantly requires clean up because of the amount of use it gets. If we lived inside the church 24 hours a day, Lent may not mean as much. But, we don’t. We live in a world full of sin, sickness and pestilence. I encourage you to use this time to renew a “Bright Spirit”. That may require some cleaning!

Have a Blessed Month!

Pastor Rick, Misty & Family

A Message from Our Pastor

A Message From Our PastorIn the Northern Hemisphere February is always the second month and normally the last month of winter. Hallelujah! I look forward to the crocus pushing through the ground in late March.

For Noah, during the 17th day of the second Month was life changing. God found favor upon his righteous and holy ways. He was an upright man with the integrity that God needed to see in his people. Noah knew the Shepherds voice and was obedient in what God had asked him to prepare. Through that preparation Noah, with God’s help, was laying the groundwork for future generations. What groundwork have you completed for future generations? Wife, Children, Family, Friends, and Community. Are you a person of biblical and spiritual integrity? Are you someone that God can rely on to help?

As we look around, we can see clearly that God has given us much. Much What? Love … Mercy … Forgiveness … Grace … Spiritual Gifts … Earthly Needs Met. Are you laying a foundation with the “Much” you have been given?
I would ask for your prayers this month in my travels to Myanmar and the Mission that God has ordained in this region over the decades. I ask for prayers for my family during this time and beyond. I ask you to pray for out Mission in Myanmar to make a profound impact on the hearts and lives of the people who live there. I would also ask you to pray for Pastor Marshall Wood and Pastor Sean Wightman who will be meeting our pulpit needs during that time.

Our Church Family, thank you for encouraging each other every Sunday. Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!

Rick, Misty & Family

A Message from Our Pastor

It’s a number that has several meanings. 20/20 is a number that is instrumental with the health and ability of our eyes. How well do we see? Vision is not only an important part of our daily journey but also an imperative part of our Faith Journey. Do we have a vision? Do you have a vision for the upcoming year?

John 20:20 “After he said this, he showed them his hands and side. The disciples were overjoyed when they saw the Lord.”

In this verse Jesus revealed himself to his disciples after he was resurrected. It was at this time the doubt that Thomas had in his heart was revealed. Jesus replied to Thomas, “Stop doubting and believe.” Do you have doubt? We are worldly, carnal minds at times. Thomas reached out to Jesus and his doubt was removed. Are you reaching out?

In the Strong’s Concordance 2020 is Hatstsalah or Deliverance. Deliverance by definition is (1) the action of being rescued or set free and (2) a formal or authoritative utterance (vocal word, statement, or sound). Have you declared that you are set free?

Have you confessed him that saves and sanctifies our immortal soul? Jesus … King and Kings! Are you delivered … born again?

Yes! 2020 is also the year we live in. Time flies! How is you vision? What vision do you have for the upcoming year? Do you have doubt? Are you reaching out? Are you delivered? This year brings a fantastic opportunity for a joyful and exciting journey with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Are you ready?

Your Brother in Christ,

A Message from Our Pastor

From Thanksgiving week to New Year’s Day, the Holiday Season, is a great time celebrate Jesus, Family and Life. Giving thanks to God in every season is important, but this season helps us to slow down and reflect upon what God has manifested in each of our lives. It is easy to give thanks for the things we prosper in and enjoy. It is also important to give thanks for the challenges. God gives us those also.

The Christmas Season has become extremely commercialized over the last few decades. I encourage you to keep this Season a Holy One. Take the time to teach your family and children about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Explain that confessing with your mouth, that you believe in your heart, that Jesus Christ is the “Risen Savior”, testifies that you will be saved. Apostle Luke, by the words of Jesus, explains that this confession and receiving the Holy Spirit is the “Greatest of Gifts”.

The dinner table, with family and friends, is a great place to give your Thanks and Testimony. Taking the time to pray during this season is monumental in your family journey with Jesus.

I pray that you give “Great Gifts”, heartfelt “Thanks”, and a meaningful testimony through this Holiday Season. May the Lord Bless and Keep You. May his everlasting light Shine Upon You!
Blessing, Rick