We are on a journey to worship Him

In Matthew 1. In verse 2 the wise men (Message Bible) say “We are on a journey to worship Him”

All through the Bible we see men and women who took a journey:

Abraham took a journey “to the land I will show you”

Joseph took a journey, thanks to his brothers

The Israelite’s took a journey into slavery for 400 years

Moses took a journey in a basket

Ruth took a journey with her mother in law

Hannah took a journey to the temple to pray

David took a journey to play the harp

Esther took a journey to the King

Job took a journey of suffering

Isaiah took a journey into the Presence of God

Daniel took a journey into the lions den

Jonah took a journey into the belly of a whale

The NT church in Acts took a journey with the Holy Spirit

And we see the greatest journey ever taken:

Jesus leaves heaven and comes to earth. He dies that we might have life. Goes back to sit at the right hand of God always making intercession for us.

What a journey of LOVE.

My friends, We are all on a journey.

Trust Him My Friend.


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