The hurdles of life

Many years ago I heard Author and Speaker Lisa Bevere tell a story about one of her sons. Her son competes in marathons that require going over hurdles, and obstacles like the tough mudder run. She called him and said, Did we win, did we win? No mom, we didn’t win, it was more fun to stop and help others over the hurdles than cross the finish line alone. And that is what being a Christian is all about. Helping each other over the hurdles of life. We are all in this race, but it is not a competition, we are to stop and help each other along the way. We see in Luke 10:30-37, the Priest, the Levite, and Samaritan all SAW the man beaten and laying half dead on the side of the road, but the Samartian was the only one who stopped. Each one of them SAW him but only one responded and had mercy on him. Let’s begin as the family of God to know each other well enough that when one of us has a problem or is walking through a difficult time we can come alongside of one another and pray and encourage each other with the Word of God. This new year, we will all be at different places in our lives, whether it is in our marriages, jobs, raising children, helping ailing parents… one time or another we will need help over the hurdles of life and that is what being a brother or sister in Christ is about. The world teaches us to be in competition with one another……..God teaches us to come alongside each other to love, and support, one another on this journey.

Heavenly Father, show us those who are hurting around us and give us your wisdom to respond. In Jesus Name. Amen.


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