Seasons of Our Lives

I’ve been on a journey for a while now that I have labeled a “season”. It took me many months to realize that I was in a “season”. It began when my Dad got very sick last year. Life as I knew it had turned upside down. When I was at home, work, or everyday life, I felt guilty for not being with my parents. When I was with my parents, I felt guilty for not being at home and taking care of my husband, kids, house, work, small business. My heart was being pulled in so many directions and I wasn’t doing anything good enough. Most days I was just surviving. Then after my Dad passed the grief was overwhelming. The heartache so deep, but every day life keeps going on. You still have to get up everyday and do all the things you did before. In the midst of it all I did the only thing I knew to do: pray and stay in the Word. I tended to shut people out, but not My loving God. I have went through “seasons” where I have ran from God, I am so very thankful this was not one of those times. I needed to trust Him when I couldn’t trust myself. I needed His strength when I was so very weak. I needed to surrender to His ways when I didn’t know which way was up. I needed His peace when everything inside me was falling apart. I needed His wisdom and discernment when I couldn’t think for myself. I needed a Loving Father to hold me in the palm of His hands. (I don’t want you to think for a minute that I can do life with out God. I need Him everyday for everything in my life, but during this season, I needed Him in a way that only He could supply. I had nothing left to give, and He was and is my lifeline.) The enemy wants to use “seasons” of our life to weaken our faith, but God uses them to strengthen our resolve. I have come out of this “season” knowing characteristics about God that I haven’t known till now. Characteristics that I need to know for the journey ahead. I am thankful for a God that walks with me through the good times and the difficult times. I am amazed at the miracles I have seen Him perform over these many months. I have seen Him answer prayers that only He knew about. I have watched Him take many broken hearts in our family and begin to mend them. Had I not walked through this “season”, I would have missed all the blessings. Oh my dear friend, if you are in a “season”, Hold on, Trust God, Pray, Fill up on His Word, Lean on His Everlasting Love. You will come out on the other side stronger than you ever thought possible. Knowing God deeper than you ever thought possible and yet still longing to go deeper.

Oh, how I love Him, but Oh how He loves me more.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you.


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