Martha and Mary

In Luke 10:38-41 we see the familiar scripture of Martha and Mary. Sometimes we get caught up and want to see Martha distracted going to and fro preparing and serving and making sure everything is perfect for Jesus visit. We’ve all been there…had a family gathering and were so busy with making sure everything is ready and every one has everything they need that we miss just visiting with them, enjoying family time. Martha loved Jesus too, she just forgot the ONE thing that was most important…sitting at His feet and hearing His word. We all have very busy lives, and that’s ok, but we can’t forget the ONE thing that keeps our eyes focused, our hands working, our feet moving in the direction God is calling us. If you find yourself worried and upset about many things, as we all do from time to time, make time to sit at Jesus feet and hear His word. He loves to speak to us from His word.

Love in Christ,


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