Life is Eternal in Christ

I work in our County Tax Office and there is a saying that I hear all the time from our customers, “There are 2 things in life that are certain; death and taxes”. In our humanity we have been taught that we are born to die. But once we have accepted Christ as Savior, we begin a journey of dying to live. We are called to die to self daily. To take up our cross and follow him. We need the Holy Spirit, He is our Helper, Counselor, Advocate, and Friend to help us on this journey. We have not been asked to do something that has not already been done for us. From before creation, God knew that mankind would fall again and again. But because of His great love for us, He made a way that we could be saved. He sent His Son. Jesus was born of man so that He could die for man. No one has ever loved us like Jesus. He knew when He entered earth that His destiny was death, hell, and the grave. He overcame all for you and for me. Sometimes dying to things that have a hold on us is tough but it is necessary. Every step we make towards Christ is a step away from who we were, and a step toward who He wants us to be. Dying leads to growth. We have a patient Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to help us walk this journey. Let’s ask ourselves this question, “What do we need to die to today so that we can live for Christ more fully?” Your answer will be different than mine but we are all on this journey together. We never walk alone my dear friend. Reach out to a fellow Christian. Reach out and take the extended hand of Jesus. Oh, how He loves us.

Death is certain, but life is eternal in Christ Jesus.


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