Jesus heals the Leper.

Jesus heals the Leper.

Matt. 8:1-2, Mark 1:40-45, Luke 5:12-16

Jesus encounters people.

Leprosy was a life changing disease. Emotional, Relational, Social, Physical.

If you had a family, you left them behind and were to live outside the city. No further contact. By Jewish law, you were to keep 6 feet part or if the wind was blowing in their direction 150 feet apart. You were ceremonially unclean and could no longer worship at the temple. Your body began to take on major changes:open sores, your nerve endings would die, you began to lose body parts (fingers, toes), your body began to waste away, you were dying from the outside in, the smell of rotten flesh was beyond belief. You were the walking dead. Dr. Luke tells us that this unnamed man was full of leprosy. His was an advanced case and quite hopeless. He was the untouchable….Until he encounters Jesus. He falls on his face, knowing Jesus can heal him, he just doesn’t know if Jesus is willing. Jesus could have just spoke the word and this man would have been healed. But Jesus did what no one else would do, He reaches out and touches the untouchable. Immediately the man is healed and told to go show yourself to the priests as is custom.

Have you ever felt like you are the untouchable? That you have gone too far, sinned too big, been hurt or have hurt others too deep? Jesus still touches the untouchable. Fall on your face and cry out to the One who knows and loves you more than anyone else. He is waiting to encounter you too. He longs to have relationship with you too. You are the desire of His heart.

Thank You Lord for encountering each of us. For giving Your life for ours, that we can be called Your children.


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