Can these bones live?

I have always loved the scripture in Ezekiel 37. Ezekiel is brought to the valley of dry bones. God asks him, “Can these bones live?” I love Ezekiel’s response, “O Sovereign Lord, You alone know.” Ezekiel is told to prophesy to the bones, as he does, they begin to come together bone to bone and tendons and flesh appear. Then he is told to prophesy to the breath, and as he does they come to life and stand to their feet. When I read these scriptures I am reminded in a powerful way that nothing is impossible with God. That God can breathe life into the dead, forgotten, lost, broken, shattered…hopes and dreams in our life. Are you praying for the restoration of life to something that has been long dead? A relationship, a lost child, a hard heart, a dream you have forgotten about, something you have never dared speak to anyone but God? Let’s follow Ezekiel’s pattern and speak forth God’s word with confidence, boldly pray for the Spirit to move, and trust God’s timing to breathe life and bring restoration.

Lord, we all have a valley of dry bones that we long to see restored by Your Mighty hand. We trust You to fulfill this in Your perfect timing. You see the beginning from the end. We thank You that nothing is impossible for You. We trust You with the things that are tucked deep in our hearts that only You know and see. Most of all Lord, we thank You for Your great love for us and Your gift of Jesus and our Helper the Holy Spirit.


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