A Message from Our Pastor

From Thanksgiving week to New Year’s Day, the Holiday Season, is a great time celebrate Jesus, Family and Life. Giving thanks to God in every season is important, but this season helps us to slow down and reflect upon what God has manifested in each of our lives. It is easy to give thanks for the things we prosper in and enjoy. It is also important to give thanks for the challenges. God gives us those also.

The Christmas Season has become extremely commercialized over the last few decades. I encourage you to keep this Season a Holy One. Take the time to teach your family and children about the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Explain that confessing with your mouth, that you believe in your heart, that Jesus Christ is the “Risen Savior”, testifies that you will be saved. Apostle Luke, by the words of Jesus, explains that this confession and receiving the Holy Spirit is the “Greatest of Gifts”.

The dinner table, with family and friends, is a great place to give your Thanks and Testimony. Taking the time to pray during this season is monumental in your family journey with Jesus.

I pray that you give “Great Gifts”, heartfelt “Thanks”, and a meaningful testimony through this Holiday Season. May the Lord Bless and Keep You. May his everlasting light Shine Upon You!
Blessing, Rick

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