A Message from Our Pastor

Greetings! Springing Forward … On Sunday March 8th we will move our clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time. It’s an effort to lengthen the amount of daylight we have from now until November. It is tough to think of losing an hour of sleep during the time change. It messes with our internal clock and takes a while to adjust. The reward of longer days throughout the summer make this worthwhile to many of us.

Spiritually Springing Forward … We are in the Season of Lent with Resurrection Celebration quickly approaching. Have you considered your adjustment in this season? Lent is similar to a time change. We are making a clock adjustment to gain more of the light. Are you making any spiritual adjustments to gain more of the light? There is nothing we can give to God that can do a thing for Him. God has everything he is ever going to need. He desires you, thinks of you, loves you. I encourage you to focus on the changes that allow more time in the light. .. So to speak!

Everyone on our Farm uses the garage. It’s where we keep tools, feed, vehicles, etc. No matter how hard we try this area constantly requires clean up because of the amount of use it gets. If we lived inside the church 24 hours a day, Lent may not mean as much. But, we don’t. We live in a world full of sin, sickness and pestilence. I encourage you to use this time to renew a “Bright Spirit”. That may require some cleaning!

Have a Blessed Month!

Pastor Rick, Misty & Family

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