A Message from Our Pastor

A Message From Our PastorIn the Northern Hemisphere February is always the second month and normally the last month of winter. Hallelujah! I look forward to the crocus pushing through the ground in late March.

For Noah, during the 17th day of the second Month was life changing. God found favor upon his righteous and holy ways. He was an upright man with the integrity that God needed to see in his people. Noah knew the Shepherds voice and was obedient in what God had asked him to prepare. Through that preparation Noah, with God’s help, was laying the groundwork for future generations. What groundwork have you completed for future generations? Wife, Children, Family, Friends, and Community. Are you a person of biblical and spiritual integrity? Are you someone that God can rely on to help?

As we look around, we can see clearly that God has given us much. Much What? Love … Mercy … Forgiveness … Grace … Spiritual Gifts … Earthly Needs Met. Are you laying a foundation with the “Much” you have been given?
I would ask for your prayers this month in my travels to Myanmar and the Mission that God has ordained in this region over the decades. I ask for prayers for my family during this time and beyond. I ask you to pray for out Mission in Myanmar to make a profound impact on the hearts and lives of the people who live there. I would also ask you to pray for Pastor Marshall Wood and Pastor Sean Wightman who will be meeting our pulpit needs during that time.

Our Church Family, thank you for encouraging each other every Sunday. Thanks for being who you are and doing what you do!

Rick, Misty & Family

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