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Seasons of Our Lives

I’ve been on a journey for a while now that I have labeled a “season”. It took me many months to realize that I was in a “season”. It began when my Dad got very sick last year. Life as I knew it had turned upside down. When I was at home, work, or everyday […]

Deep Enough to Swim In

I love finding a new scripture to me. I have read it before but it hasn’t spoken to me until now. Ezekiel. 47:1-6 The man brought me back to the entrance of the temple, and I saw water coming out from under the threshold of the temple toward the east. The water was coming down […]

The hurdles of life

Many years ago I heard Author and Speaker Lisa Bevere tell a story about one of her sons. Her son competes in marathons that require going over hurdles, and obstacles like the tough mudder run. She called him and said, Did we win, did we win? No mom, we didn’t win, it was more fun to […]

Can these bones live?

I have always loved the scripture in Ezekiel 37. Ezekiel is brought to the valley of dry bones. God asks him, “Can these bones live?” I love Ezekiel’s response, “O Sovereign Lord, You alone know.” Ezekiel is told to prophesy to the bones, as he does, they begin to come together bone to bone and […]

Life is Eternal in Christ

I work in our County Tax Office and there is a saying that I hear all the time from our customers, “There are 2 things in life that are certain; death and taxes”. In our humanity we have been taught that we are born to die. But once we have accepted Christ as Savior, we […]