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Fragrance of Life

My husband and I spent all day Saturday building fence along the front yard. As we got to the corner I kept getting this wonderful smell that was coming from my forsythia bush. Oh my what a wonderful aroma. The wind would blow and I would soak in that beautiful scent. As I was working […]

Give Your Heart to Him

I’ve been looking at the life of Paul, formally know as Saul. We are first introduced to Saul in the book of Acts 7:58, when Stephen is stoned to death and in Acts 8:1 we see Saul giving his approval. Who is Saul? He is very religious, he was trained by the best (Gamaliel), his […]

Rest in His love.

Many years ago I really got into our family genealogy. Most weekends I could be found dragging(haha) my kids and husband to cemeteries to find headstones of loved ones from years gone by. I loved finding information never known before. I was put in touch with a lady in Florida that had an old tintype […]

My Redeemer Lives

We are living in a time that none of us have seen before. Everything around us changes moment by moment. We just get use to a bit of information and then it is old news, something else takes it’s place. But as I sit here with the Holy Word of God open and I turn […]

Home Sweet Home

Please allow me the opportunity to tell you about a miracle I have been watching unfold over the last 6 weeks. Before my Dad passed Mom made a promise to him that she would not do any thing for 6 months. He wanted her to move back to our hometown of Ravenswood. He had voiced […]